Why Is This Model Crying?

(Front Row Fashion, FRI27NOV)

Such a rush at the FRI27NOV show the other week at BIFW. Designer Chanachai Jareeyathana really knows how to turn up the heat, and the designs were so potent in color, and covetability (not a word, methinks…) you really had to keep your wits about you. One blink of an eyelash and you risked only seeing the rear view of a sumptuous red chiffon frock, as I found to my cost when I glanced at my camera for a nanosecond. However, when I did look at my screen, I had to ask, “Why is this model Crying?”

Quite shocking to look through your pictures later and see a large, congealed teardrop sliding down a pretty model’s cheek. What happened? Did smoke get in her eyes, did someone take her favorite dress from under her nose, or were her shoes pinching her last nerve? 

That reminds me, one of the shows sadly featured a model who went down, and down again.. and again, and tragically AGAIN, off the highest platforms known to womankind. The poor thing had to crawl along the last few feet of runway and pull herself out of view by clutching the side of the stage. Did she have an icy reception back there? I’ll never know, but I’m pretty sure she twisted her ankle badly or broke it. The perils of the beautiful mannequin.

So anyway, why is the model silently sobbing? On closer inspection, several of her colleagues are sporting the same strategically placed glycerin teardrop: so far, so theatrical, yet she alone convinces. Good actress, she. Finally, looking again at the program, I realize the collection is called, “The Sadness Of Summer.” Yup, not much gets past me.

I realize the collection is called, “The Sadness Of Summer.”

Mind you, one glimpse of that fiery floating train was enough to convince me: I NEED that red dress. You know, for red-carpet events. Too much red? A little..um..Unlikely? Fine! For takin’ time out, then, lounging on my chaise longue, while someone peels me a grape, perhaps. 

OK, I’m no Mae West, and She was No Angel: but these guys and gals really were. Prayer flags, color, smoke screens, delicate girls, fierce guys, graceful, tough and beautiful all at once… and let’s not forget the Red, White and Blue. That’s nothing to cry about.

Once I get the smoke off my lens, I’ll take a look at the evening gowns I did manage to capture as they swished past. As Markl in Howl’s Moving Castle would say before changing the whole world around, “STAND BY!” 

For lounging on my chaise longue, while someone peels me a grape


Prayer flags, color, smoke screens…. Red, White and Blue. That’s nothing to cry about.

Designer-Finale - FRI27Nov


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