(Nearly) Winter Uniform

 (Nearly) Winter Uniform

You know it, winter is definitely coming, in many parts of the world. And I’ve noticed, as the birds migrate to warmer climes the same staples seem to magnetize me in the stores, assemble themselves on the bed before me when I wake up, or leap out of the closet when I want to go out. I call it the nearly winter uniform.

Pared down, peeled back, black and textured and severe all over, out come the stomping boots or the high-heeled booties, on go the layers of dark stuff: black skinny jeans, leggings, pencil skirts, what have you.

It’s just like that.

Then, naturally, the leather jacket. And I don’t have a few. (Some are even in color, but we’ll keep that between ourselves…) So.. Creature of habit, just being practical, stark minimalist? Really not sure. I’d like to say it’s a sign of high intellectualism and rampant artistic sensibilities, but, well.. you know! It’s just like that.

Scarves add a bit of relief. Currently trending in DV HQ is grey. We have to kick it somehow….Time to hit the shops. Seems like there’s a lot of pastel around..

I’ll brave it for the sake of science..

(Nearly) Winter Uniform 2

(Nearly) Winter Uniform 1(Nearly) Winter Uniform 6Nealy Winter Uniform 9(Nearly) Winter Uniform 11

Outfit Of The Day:

Leather Jacket: Try Here | Grey Scarf: Try Here | Skirt: Try Here | Boots: Try Here

Editorial Photographs by Dear Velvet

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