On Spanish Street

On Spanish Street The Mood is Sultry

In Europe the sun is still valiantly shining, staring down the looming clouds and dark days of Autumn. It’s a magical time, when we manage to hold on to a sliver of the languid life we had all summer, even when back at work. In particular the sunbaked Spanish Streets are such an inspiration for transitional style.lace-detail - On Spanish Street

Even in Fall the sun blazes down, providing a backdrop for the sutra Señorita style dresses that seem to be everywhere right now. There’s lace, there’s black and sultry looks aplenty in the stores. Naturally enough for the winter, the black dresses comes out of the closet, but what to do when it is still too warm for tights and over the knee boots? What to wear when you’re still bathed in the post summer glow, but business beckons?Embellished Collar Dress: Ted Baker

Wear a little lace, a pair of sandals or clumpy booties, load up the winged eyeliner and slick backed hair and strut, Spanish style, of course. Fierce.Cheap Monday LookCheap Monday Concealed Dress iN Black

I am so inspired by the feel of these dusty back streets and the black clothing, it gives an essence of something from centuries back, present in every Mediterranean country. A Dolce & Gabbana meets Almodovar feel, if you like. Penelope Cruz or Sofia Vergara should be stalking these streets, a smear of dark red lipstick and a defiant look in the eye.

Lace and black always conjures up the Spanish feel, and walking down Spanish Street can be a smart, uptown experience, even when you’re downtown. Ted Baker Freeya Dress

Put your fading tan to good use and bring a little sultry sun in your life, just for a moment before donning your parka. You’ll tackle Fall later.Spanish Church


Embellished Collar Dress: Ted Baker

Cheap Monday Concealed Dress in Black: Urban Outfitters

Floral Lace Bodice Dress: Ted Baker

Black Lace Top/Shell Sandals: Bought From Market

Bag: Vintage, Mulberry

Photography in Palma (Nos 1/2 & 7): Dear Velvet

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