On This New Morning

Are we all fresh and ready to have at it this month? This new morning feels special for so many reasons; not just the beginning of a year and a Mercury Retrograde to boot. But don’t let Susan Miller alarm you, it’s just time to rewind and look more deeply into the contracts we’ve made with the universe.. or those around us.


 It’s also the beginning of a Nine year, when cycles come to a close and we can bring matters to fruition.DV


There’s that numerology angle again: 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 + 9. So those new starts are right on cue. There’s a great post about the Nine Year here. If it seems like we’re stepping into new age territory, breathe in a and grab some coffee for the ride, the world is about to get both more invested in finding change and meaning and by the looks of recent events, more unpredictable also. Learn to roll with it, embrace change and get going on anything new (maybe wait till the end of the month when Mercury is direct again. Of course it sounds hokey.. but just how are your machines these days, a tad haunted like mine? (Mercury Retrograde.. shhh..)

Inspiration for a winter morning..

Wrap up warm: parkas were made for these lovely grey mornings. Enjoy them while you can – it’ll soon be summer and there’ll be no excuse for wearing all your layers to work or snuggling up with Netfilx and Spotify over a hot chocolate.

On This New Morning - HushOn This New Morning - Hush PantsOn This New Morning - Hush Pants & SweaterOn This New Morning - Hush Parka


Everything Hush: Parka | Luna Jumper | Coated Jeans
Accessories: Similar Beanie | Converse | Headphones: Urbanears

Photography: Team Dear Velvet