One Scarf

One scarf really can do it all. Every travel article I’ve ever read advises taking a scarf to wear as a bandana, blanket, hankie and so on: it’s a camping staple. But as these pictures by the Studio Supreme team show, there’s no need to look like a girl scout on holiday.

With Summer imminent and the endless hunt for holiday clothes occupying too much of our leisure browsing, packing just one thing seems like a revolutionary idea. Truly, just one scarf can double for almost every item in your wardrobe.
Think saris and sarongs, bandanas and bralettes; experiment with twisting and make yourself a halter. Sleeveless or side layered, this is an easy way to dip into the bare shoulder trend. Headscarves, skirts and even bikinis are all there for a little artful tucking and tying.

Here Luca Buzas and her styling team got creative with local fabrics in Indonesia, while Olivier Hero took the lens, but you can recreate this look anywhere, even your back garden. Those not as genetically blessed as these beauties can still look great as the scarf enhances and disguises to your will. If all else fails, blind them with superb  fabric choices: luxe and slinky, Liberty pretty or downright witty. Your choice.
Try it: pack just one scarf.

Halter, bikini, sari: one scarf can be worn in so many different ways..DV

Production & Retouch : Studio Supreme
Photographer : Olivier Hero Dressen
Fashion Stylist & MakeUp Artist : Luca Buzas
Model Agency : OZAR Models Philippines
Location: Philippines, Cebu / Moalboal White Sand Beach
Editorial: Dear Velvet

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