Pantone Red

Being a fervent traveller, I’m a tad obsessed with bags. More than is healthy. What to do?  I’m usually the one stuffing all kinds of things, books, planners, masses of tech, and stuff into my bag after the airport scan.. and not being able to do the zip back up. So when Redland London offered me the chance to collaborate and conquer my daypack woes with this bag, I couldn’t turn it down. It’s roomy, silvery inside and has a lot of hidden pockets and slots. (And did I say it’s silver inside? I like that kind of thing).
So as you can see I was soon trying out my new Pantone X Redland bag on the way to a shoot. It holds all my equipment, books and even a compact tripod. Its red and fiery, one of this year’s colours and as you may have observed, one of my favourites. I’ve always been passionate about colour: pretty essential for any visual creative, so colour therapy seems like a good idea

Apparently people who like red are bold, sporty, courageous, have leadership qualities and always take the initiative. Genius!DV

The bags come in bright Pantone colours, including this year’s precious yellow. They’re tailor made to carry your kit and I can see I’ll have to step up the patrol on my wardrobe, or this one will go walkies as my friends size it up. Oh, by the way, you can see I couldn’t resist customising it, like they do in Asia. Make yours a fur pompom or something.. or go minimal.

Commute sorted: I love it!

If in doubt, wear red – Bill Blass
Pantone x Redland Red Bag 4

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Pantone x Redland Red Bag

Pantone x Redland Red BagPantone x Redland Red Bag 1


Pantone x Redland - Indiska Hat

Pantone Fire Red Backpack by Redland London


Redland London

Photography: Rob Homewood

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