Pattern, Color, Flower, Design

Pattern, Color, Flower, Design

Time to get ready for a dazzling summer of pattern, vibrant color, pastel color and hot color, flowers everywhere and design spattered across every garment, as seen at the eye-poppingly gorgeous Manish Arora show in Bangkok. (Naturally, being surrounded by the richness of Northern India, he must know a thing or two about color, no?) That shorts suit is a definite must.

Pattern is everywhere, and wear it you absolutely shall; that is unless you go for pastel-themed boxy-shaped minimalism, successor to the huge coats of winter. Of course the new Puritan all-black might charm you, quite, quite different from the old all-black. You can see the difference, can’t you? Just follow the rules, and you’ll be fine. Refer to the handbook scrawled in (orange) lipstick on your bathroom mirror:

Pick & Mix at will.

As in life.

You’ll get the hang of it. Promise. It’ll be a beautiful summer.


Front Row Phone-Shot by Dear Velvet