Percy Lau: Vision 2.0

Percy Lau has an eye on the future..DV

Among the haze of newness clouding our screens every day: new season, new designs, new styles.. new sale.. it’s not often we see ideas that are actually new. Percy Lau is different, albeit armed with a knowledge of art from Bauhaus to Surrealism to Cubism and beyond, this designer has an eye on the future and an ear on the different drummer.

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Wear your own  Doors Of Perception… enter the real Reality.Dv

Already worn by Carl Barat in GQ and espoused by Italian Vogue, these glasses express the orderliness, precision and imagination we’ve come to associate with scifi. The multiple-layered lenses speak to the fractured nature of reality: perhaps by examining the world through different layers we could discover some universal truth. Wear your own Doors Of Perception.


Could you wear them? Could you dare to dance down your high street with the amber antennae of his lenses focused on your future?

What about the add-ons? There’s a body armour, body-modification element to them that’s so attractive. I’m tempted. Maybe I’ll gain super powers or hyper knowledge like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Who knows?

Why not give these lenses a whirl and see through new eyes.

Percy Lau - Vision 2.0 -8

Percy Lau - Vision 2.0 -6

Percy Lau - Vision 2.0 -4

Percy Lau - Vision 2.0 -1

Percy Lau - Vision 2.0 -2

Percy Lau - Vision 2.0 -7

Percy Lau - Vision 2.0 -3


FIND: Percy Lau

Styling: Stella Arion
Set Design: Emily Pugh