Purple Haze

As the models swished along the runway at Bora Aksu, all pretty lace and delicate legs like so many thoroughbreds, an apparition glided toward the viewer, silent and stark. A model appeared in diaphanous purple, veiled from head to foot, literally, but her face shone through her cloak, serene and impassive.

Purple’s having a moment..DV

The cloak made reference to a burka, with the chiffon or netting, gathering round a hole at t the crown of the head, as though a drawstring had been pulled tightly. Heady stuff indeed.

Purple’s having a moment, love it or not, and it’s definitely worth a try. How about a purple flower, lavender nails or even violet lipstick? Build up your purple accents now in preparation for The Winter of Plum forecast for the fall. With Marsala being the Pantone colour of the year, you’ll be right on point.

Purple to make you feel special, purple for royalty..DV

At that moment, the purple bride was born and for me at least, veiling would never be the same again. The colour is simply exquisite in small doses, which, despite the full body treatment, is ensured by the sheer fabric.

Purple, once the province of royalty, has mystical connotations which, according to color lore, is the result of its rarity in nature. Very few flowers, plants or animals are truly purple, therefore it was hard and costly to produce as a colour. Its association with magic and spiritual attainment is a bonus (or maybe not, depending on your point of view).

Wear some purple, even a small accent, to liven up your energy. You may not feel like running a marathon, but you’ll certainly feel like one of a kind.