Red Dress In The Pool

There’s a Red Dress In The Pool. But don’t call CSI…

It just seemed like a good way to cool down without burning.

Swishing around in the water recalls those silent movies with water ballet, girls waving their arms gracefully and turning huge grins to the camera, gyrating in sync. Look up Ziegfield and Esther Williams. Throw some graceful moves like here in the pool in Mallorca. If you can’t swing a trip to Spain, try the local Lido, the Koi pond, even the bath.. Whatever you do, think True Hollywood.

Butterfly - Red Dress In The Pool

Stock up on B&W movies and have a girls night in, sewing trimmings on an old vintage swimsuit or something. Come to think of it, there are so many vintage style swimmers around. Get some and shine: perhaps modesty is the new flirty.

Back to the red dress. For a start it’s cerise, or some hybrid red variant that makes the eye pop. Actually, it’s more than money can buy.. Yup, bought from a stall in pulsating Chatuchak market in Bangkok.

Tsk, you say? How on earth can I get one of those? Well try looking here. No-one said it has to be red. Maybe you’re blonde and its wall to wall LBDs in your walk in closet… or you’re a Puritan, and it’s white dresses all the way.

Aerobic Swimming - Red Dress In The PoolSwimming Scarf - Red Dress In The Pool

It’s time to be a water babe, babe!

Create your own folly with long flowing dresses and wispy scarves. Hair making shapes behind you, no care for styling and other inessential niceties. Or forget all that and shimmy in to the deep end in your skin tight body con, tightly trussed by the bandage straps, MiuMiu’s flung under a lounger and shades still on.

Point is, be brave.

Scarf - Red Dress In The Pool

Create your own folly..DV

Make like Sylvia, frolicking in the fountain at The Baths at Caracello in La Dolce Vita. Or Lana Del Rey. I bet she wouldn’t hesitate to kick off her heels and dive right in, exquisite gown and arduously arranged hairdo be damned. I like a girl like that.

Don’t you?

Reflecting - Red Dress In The Pool

I like a girl like that. Don’t you?DV

Wet Footprints - Red Dress In The Pool

Dress: Ted Baker | Dress: Hush| Dress: Hush | Dress:Hush

Photography by Dear Velvet

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