A Certain Reserve

  • One Sunday night, wandering in London’s Covent Garden, looking for some refreshment, we found this oasis of civilised lounging. Starbucks Reserve was an unexpected treat.
    But it’s really no surprise: freshly installed in the capital from endless meandering, I’m definitely a newbie..
  • Come to think of it, the whole of London is charmingly abuzz right now. Everything is new and fresh, or old, revamped and fresh, or ancient and totally digital… V&A Museum, anyone?
    Apparently London is the most instagrammed city in the world… No wonder.


So I’m gradually putting the City to the test: tramping through markets and mews, over bridges, through alleys and palaces. What did I find? So far: British Reserve not in evidence. It’s more electric than that.

I’ve no time for reserve. Unless it’s coffee.DV

There’s an excitement, the low humming sound of a million creatives tapping their iPads, keying in meetings, zipping out to do business in coffee shops that double as offices, meeting up in art galleries on Friday night to listen to DJs and sip prosecco or simply to draw. Everyone is running or preparing to run or proudly packing a yoga mat on their back.
And it’s perfectly OK to sit in a coffee shop on an evening, planning your next entrepreneurial coup. Practically required in fact.
Social life is all about learning something.  Meetups are the thing. In fact I’m off to one now. Catch you later.

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