Rotsaniyom: Be More Malai

Rotsaniyom Malai turns up the heat with print and colour block dresses in shades of dark crimson. Thais, like all Asians, seem to just get color , in a way that those with no wide open cloudless skies, tropical heat and monsoon downpours can ever experience.

The propriety of the necklines, harkening to Victorian times, and the lush hues, for me, conjure up the kind of sultry governess portrayed by the divine Eva Green in Cracks. Or perhaps Eva Green in anything. The juxtaposition of prim morality and careless hedonism shines like a ruby on dark velvet.

Red Dresses - Be More MaliaStraw Hat - Be More Maliamm

Smell the flowers, celebrate differences, enjoy traditions and make something beautifully new out of them.. Be More Malai.

Throw on a straw hat like the one seen here in Rotsaniyom’s atelier, or a Malai ankle bracelet, to remind oneself of the power of tradition to stamp our identity, culturally and emotionally, whether as a nation or an individual, and to bring a little of its spiritual intent into our quotidian lives. Heady, intoxicating stuff.

Western or Thai, you can wear it your own way. Thais can offer us a breath of their culture, their Malai, and we can all be Rotsaniyom, exploring our own individual vision of personal taste.

Malai Rotsaniyom: Be More Malai

Traditional Thai Malai, or garland.

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All clothing Photographs by Rotsaniyom, Hat photograph By Dear Velvet.

Malai photo credit: phosparis via photopin cc