Rotsaniyom: True Beauty Become Clear

Rotsaniyom’s inspiration this season is: “The Seconds that the world runs slow the true beauty become clear.” A poetic sentiment, expressed in lavish expanses of white lace, tulle, cotton and silk, with a clear, “Rites of Spring”, ethos. As much felt as seen, the essence of their work is always a delicate thing, sensed on some other, extra-worldly level.

Despite the ethereality, designer Pongsak Kobrattansuk, or OF, takes us through very real and definite paradigms, making acute statements about life and love and the perception of beauty.

Aided by his partner and muse, Thita Kamonetsawat, or GIFT, his fabulous line has evolved into a brand. Since I met the prodigiously creative couple in Bangkok, in their beautiful small store, they have expanded into larger and larger premises, most recently opening in Sukhumvit’s prestigious new Qurator in Emquartier, on the 2nd floor.

At their Spring Summer ’15 show last Fall, we were lucky enough to have our own Varaporn Noothong on hand, taking photographs and lapping up the vibe. Her reports back were punctuated by strings of exclamation marks and I was ecstatic!!!!! Staying up to receive emails and picture transfers at 3AM has never been so much fun. There are so many beauties, we’ll need to see them in batches.

Here is some of what Varaporn saw.

Rotsaniyom: The True Beauty Become Clear
Rotsaniyom: The Rite Of Spring

The Seconds that the world runs slow the true beauty become clear.Rotsaniyom

The notion that, in OF’s hands, beauty can encompass such raw, exposed nerves of human experience as homelessness and political struggle, simply attests to his mastery as an artist and the depth and intelligence of his thought processes. Here beauty is equally about darkness as light.Rotsaniyom Scene

Yet The sweetness remains..DV

Human experience, red in tooth and claw, alight with mystical and even mythic  references, sweeps one into an emotional field, where the desitre to be merely pretty has no dignity. Yet the sweetness remains.rotsaniyom-back-view-2
Rotsaniyom DancerRotsaniyom spotlightRotsaniyom OF

Rotsaniyom: This is Passion, This is Beauty, This is Life….DV



Photographs © Varaporn Noothong  –  @varapornnoothong

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