Scene Style, Siam

Siam, home to every trend on earth,

..before they happen.. Siam Center is no exception. Photos of fashion assail you from every wall, billboard and doorpost. Resistance is futile, and if you just let yourself be drawn along on the slipstream of style, you’ll love it.

Pretty soon, you’ll be wafting through the luxury brand name stores of Siam and checking out the young trendsetters too. When all that’s done (pretty late at night, as they all close about 10PM) you’ll find yourself trawling through street side stalls for bargains. It’s THE place to shop.

Even the guys join in with glee. 


Shirt: Ted Baker | Jeans: Nudie | Waistcoat: Ted Baker | Sneakers: John Varvatos For Converse

Photograph by Dear Velvet

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