Serpents, Shrines Everywhere

Everywhere you look in Asia, there are serpents and shrines, symbols of purity and protection. The air seems a little more spiritually charged than in the average high street back home. The serpent or Naga shows the wise god who protects Buddha.

There’s a crystal shrine! It must be love.DV

Their  beautiful forms are depicted everywhere. And each house or even a lonely shack in acres of filed, has a shrine to house the spirits of the place. This placatory act bestows purity and protection on the inhabitants.
Even if you don’t follow a Buddhist path, there’s a certain loveliness to having the energies of your surroundings respected so elegantly. Maybe you could build one on your desk: I’ve seen many stores with a tiny glass of fresh water by the till and maybe a piece of fruit or even a few small sweets. Taking the time to think of our interaction with the world around us: that’s what I’ve learned from my incessant wandering in the East. That must be why it seduces me every time. Beguiling beauty is one of the hallmarks of Asian decor too, so when I saw De Naga hotel in Chiang Mai, I was head over heels. I mean, there’s a crystal shrine! It must be love.

Shrines everywhere in Asia, devoted to the spirit of place.

The serpent or Naga, a great deity of protection and wisdom…

Location: De Naga Hotel, Chiang Mai
Photography: DV