Shake It Up For Fall

Shake it up, Fall is here! Let the last rays of summer sun bathe your sun-bleached hair and over-exposed skin as you dive into your sumptuous winter closet. A lot more black and a little less flesh is called for, just before back to school. (Think Scandi style.) It’s still warm out there. But you can’t do full summer. Fashion crime alert.

Fall is here.. what now?

What on earth is transitional dressing?DV

summer’s done…
shake it up!

In cities like LA, where it’s summer pretty much all through the year, women still get their turtlenecks on and slip into boots when September arrives. Crazy?
Yes, but there’s a certain human logic to honouring the seasons, beside the fashion  thing. We feel like we’re ready to hole up for the winter. So to start your fashion nesting this season, just shake it up and paint it black. 

Start your fashion nesting…

Shake it up and paint it black..

Photography: Dear Velvet
Model: Ksenia
Location: Dana Point, Southern California, USA

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