Shanghai Neon

Shanghai, Neon City

They say it not only never sleeps, it doesn’t even sit down.This is the backdrop to the latest shoot by our friends at Studio Supreme. Oliver Hero Dressen and Luca Buzas live in this amazing city and they certainly are a compelling case for visiting.
I want to go there for the neon alone, But the food, the technological feel, the sheer pace of it all. I’m booking a flight

And Shanghai is amazing. I’m a fan of science fiction so when you’re there in the night with all the lights and all this modernity, it’s like a set in a movie. Berenice Marlohe

 Backdrops right out of Ghost in The Shell inspired them to take a touch of Manga and anime and create a style fit for the hippest augmented girl.

Maybe it’s where we’ll all be in the end, augmented and super perfect, who knows? With the skin perfecting products around, pastel and peroxide hair trends, VR, Hololens trending all over the high street, au naturel is starting to look a little, well, pre-tech. Don’t want that do we? (Don’t worry, we all still have a soft spot for vintage, it’s just that it now includes the noughties!) I particularly love this look because I have serious pastel hair envy, but, you know, can’t commit. I’m thinking about it… Watch this space.

To my child’s eyes, which had seen nothing else, Shanghai was a waking dream where everything I could imagine had already been taken to its extreme. J.G. Ballard

Shanghai Fashion Week has just been on the radar and  the shopping there seems to truly reflect the frenetic Shanghai Neon vibe. It’s your local high street on steroids. (Maybe even then it couldn’t keep up.) shanghai-neon-3

Go grab some Chinoiserie, your best skin perfecting makeup and RUN to the future, perfect girl..

The futuristic vibe is so prevalent now and suits the artists I’ve been talking to, like Memo Akten and Chagall, on my recent visit to STRP Biennale, Eindhoven, (more to come). Truly we’re just a skip step away from VR shopping, So go grab some Chinoiserie, your best skin perfecting makeup and run to the future. Shanghai Neon inspired.



shanghai-neon 1


EDITORIAL: Dear Velvet
Photographer: Olivier Hero Dressen
Retouch: Studio Supreme
MUA / Hair / Styling: Laura Clover and Luca Buzas
Model: Julianna Mucsi
Location: Shanghai, China

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