Shoes Are The Windows Of The Soul

I can’t help noticing three things about people: their eyes, hands and feet, notably the shoes, so I thought I’d take a look at why. So much can be said about stance, footwear and body language, about the inner being: the soul.

I don’t profess to calibrate the soul here in some ecclesiastical way, certainly not! It’s the feeling, the ‘ness of a person that fascinates me. We all express ourselves so differently, in a way that can’t be constrained by a fashion craze or a style tribe.


No pair of Christian Louboutins, the Miu Mius or white Converse will tell you everything about the man or woman wearing them, just as no two pairs of eyes are the same, and no two palms have the same lines. That’s a Good Thing, surely, in this hyper-branded, digitized age, where you can identify something a celebrity s wearing in a few minutes online, and with a simple click have it delivered the next day, or even the same afternoon?Multi-Shoes---Shoes-Are-The-Windows-Of-The-Soul

We all spend so much time trying to express ourselves through our style, pages, talents and so on, yet the answer is right at the tips of our fingers and the soles of our feet. 

A Good Thing, surely, in this hyper-branded, digitized age..

The truth is, we don’t need to struggle to be unique: it’s not the shoes, or the clothes, or whatever that make us so special and different. The old chestnut, ‘beauty comes from within’, is trite but true. The swagger, the confident stance, the polite positioning a little away from each other, the camaraderie or aloofness; all scream individuality. And that’s gorgeous.

Elle-Shoes---Shoes-Are-The-Windows-Of-The-SoulBlue-Shoes---Shoes-Are-The-Windows-Of-The-SoulPink Shoes - Shoes Are The Windows Of The SoulGreen-&-Black-Shoes---Shoes-Are-The-Windows-Of-The-SoulPink-Shoes-Shoes-Are-The-Windows-Of-The-Soul

It’s Not The Shoes – But We Love Them!