Silas Liew: Tropical Daydreams

This season, pulsating color is about to bloom all over your high street and standard-issue grey just won’t do. Take a page (or banana leaf) out of Silas Liew’s book and surround yourself in the passion of the tropics.

At this level, colour will transform your looks, life and energy. Paint your nails a vibrant pink, cut open a pomegranate, heck, just look at your fluorescent yoga mat in downward dog. Color is everything.Silas Liew Blue Scarf

Our talented friends Luca and Olivier met up with Silas Liew, winner of Best Promising Designer at Malaysia International Fashion Week 2010, in his native country, Malaysia. They spotted a chance to collaborate, showing the world another side of Muslim fashion. We’re so glad they did!

Silas Liew Orange ScarfSilas says himself:

The idea of our collection was to present an interesting vision of South Asian Fashion.. You can definitely feel the influence of the Islamic culture from Malaysia in some of the clothing. For example, the Hijab is a real fashion for muslim women in Malaysia, they wear it in vibrant colors and fabrics.

Silas Liew Blue Crop Top

Luca found the collaboration so stimulating:

Nature is a strong part of this shoot, Kuala Lumpur is a modern city, but also a green city. The jungle is a real part of what you can feel in the street, we decided to put it in light by shooting Silas Liew’s collection in the wonderful Kuala Lumpur Perdana Botanical Garden.

Silas Liew Money Coat

For me, what sets the collection apart is the infusion of tradition with humor and hip modernity. I particularly love the money coat.

Silas Liew Orange Scarf 2 Silas Liew Green Top

Currently Silas is working on his new collection, SS 2016, available online soon. Contact him at or check out his Kuala Lumpur Atelier at the address below. Asia’s a great place to reconnect with yourself, why not #travelforfashion too?!

You’re potent as papaya.. and you know it.

Sometimes you need those sober city shades to get by. It’s like camouflage in the jungle, so content yourself with a glimpse of green inside a purse, or an azure blue necklace.

But don’t discount the power of colour to put you on the most wanted list. Orange is not for the faint-hearted. But you’re not, are you passion-flower? You’re potent as papaya.. and you know it.

Silas Liew Model On Wall

A color lover’s dream..Silas Liew’s Tropical Daydream.DV

FIND: Silas Liew 

Or if you are in Kuala Lumpur visit his atelier :
Taman Tun Abdul Razak, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Editorial Credits:

Photographer : Olivier Hero Dressen
Stylist, Art Direction : Luca Buzas
Clothing : Silas Liew
Model : Alicia Amin
Production : Studio Supreme
Producer  : Hackeem Bahrome
Post Production :
Location : Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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