SoCal Mood

In SoCal it’s all cuddling up under the stars on the beach, telling tales about the wave that got away…DV

Those days when you just want to go your own way.. not following schedules or fitting in with anyone? That’s a SoCal mood. I spent the early summer there and it’s pretty contagious when you saunter down PCH from LA to Laguna, watching lazy vapour trails in the sky. No one down there cares about heels and it bags, it’s all breezy cottons and huge hats to keep the freckles at bay. That SoCal sun can be merciless.

I’m not sure if I ever wore makeup there.. it’s the beach and a golden glow gives more mileage than a perfectly powdered nose. And designer clothes? Maybe, if it’s Free People or something flowy. In SoCal, they cuddle up on the beach under the stars, telling tall tales about their surfing exploits and making s’mores.  can hear the waves lapping now.. someone brought a guitar… SoCal.


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