Spring Break

The gleam in the eye and the glimmer in the air between strangers..DV

The sudden glimpse of shy, delicate skin in the early sunlight. The display of legs and shoulders and other body parts, shivering slightly, goosebumps visible under thin cotton. The gleam in the eye and the glimmer in the air between strangers, a  little bounce in the step and a frisson of excitement as everything new is inhaled deeply. New flowers braving newly broken earth, new light, new likes, new lusts.

hush- Printed Strapless Dress

You gonna play?DV

It’s officially Spring Break, time to let rip, make hell, or merry, break all your resolutions at once and segue into the chocolate eating festival of the pre-summer months. Easter Monday is rehab day, you can restart your juice fasting then.

Spring Break conjures up beach life, lazy days by the barbecue and long nights of romance. Throw off the layers of fleece and wool and rediscover your skin. Where’s that loofah? Come on, excuses are for sissies and there’s no hall pass: this class is compulsory. You gonna play?

That skin better glow. It’s time. It’s Spring Break.Dv

This time last year I was in the sun by a Mediterranean pool, non-stop tapas on tap. I’m getting jealous of myself. Not fair. Now I’m just faced with watery sun and a nip in the air, but it’s still my favourite time of year. I’m Spring cleaning my wardrobe and trying not to dream of sand between my toes.

This year it’ll be grass and my bare legs will smart in my ripped denim shorts and flippy dresses will leave my shoulders too cold, but I don’t care. I’m drawing a line in the sand, park. This is Spring.

It’s my time.

About a year ago I discovered hush and started cavorting round pool and countryside in their clothes. Easy peasy, it was natural. Their spring offerings this time have me fishing the skin polisher from the dark recesses of my bathroom cupboard. That skin better glow. It’s time.

It’s Spring Break!!DV

Spring Break OOTD:

Linen Vest Dress | Printed Strapless Dress | Denim Shorts | Pineapple Tee – All Hush

Cover Photo by Dear Velvet

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