Spring Brides

Spring Brides at May time are so poetic and delicate…

Resist the urge to have the biggest dress in the room, and go for slips of silk and overlays of sumptuous Guipure lace instead, like these lilting models I spied in Siam Paragon. Those huge jewels, the hair, the stolen glances; even in a department store (albeit a grand emporium like this one) these beautiful girls exuded poetic sensitivity.

The slim silhouettes and shaping on the back are reminiscent of Pippa Middleton in full bloom, with an enviable air of patrician sexiness. Those 20s hairstyles look fresh and sweetly modest. Time to invest in a Marcel wave or curling tongs and five cans of hairspray. Nope, a job definitely best left to the professionals.Bridal Details

Lace is on every high street right now, with cropped lace cover-ups and full-frontal dresses, so your lace creation won’t go to waste after the event. Brides and Shoes How about a Saturday wedding dress window shopping with a BF? Think Sex and The City, rather than The Dress. Tea at Claridge’s to round off the day, sounds like fun, no?

If you aren’t tying the knot, you could always adapt this sweet, fragrant style for a night out, blushing optional. I wonder what these dresses would look like in scarlet? (Yes, sacrilege, I know!)

Perhaps you could make someone else blush... 

Blushing Spring Bride - Spring Brides

Or maybe write a poem about you. Just a thought.

All dear Nature’s children sweet Lie ‘fore bride and bridegroom’s feet,    Blessing their sense! Not an angel of the air, Bird melodious or bird fair,    Be absent hence!

From Bridal Song by William Shakespeare.


Wedding Dress  and Jewelry enquiries, Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

Photography by Dear Velvet