Once She Spun A Summer Yarn

(Tale Of 1000 Stitches)

Even as we wing inexorably toward Midsummer, life remains a little chilly. A soupçon of coziness comes in handy, but there’s only so many occasions you can wear that battered hoodie. Mine, quite frankly is letting me down, so it cheered me considerably to see this three-tone pastel fluffy summer knit from Hush. A true summer yarn…Hush Sweater Blurred - Once She Spun A Summer Yarn

And it got me thinking…I’ve always had a fondness for those clever women who can craft. Think of Medieval ladies, with their high headdresses and tightly-bodiced, full-skirted dresses, sitting in lamplit rooms, quietly murmuring while they embroider enormous tapestries. I wonder what the gossip was? “That young squire has a fine pair of shoulders and rides a nice stallion”, kind of thing?

(So Game of Thrones.. even Sansa can be seen sewing, just before.. Oops, sorry!)Folli Folie Watch - Once She Spun A Summer YarnHush Sweater B/W - Once She Spun A Summer YarnThen there’s that fab girl in 1001 Arabian Nights, weaving a ridiculous string of tales to keep herself from being snipped by her serial-marrying spouse: husband to one, widower of many. Actually, am I getting confused with Bluebeard? Not sure. Anyway, these days women are as likely to be crack coders, mistresses of the keyboard, masters of the boardroom and rulers of all they survey as needlewomen. But….Cozy Hush - Once She Spun A Summer YarnThe thing is, I like to knit. There, I’ve said it. Not the baby-clothes in teeny tiny thread kind of knitting though (and those of you who do, I salute you) no, think Wilma Flintstone with dinosaur bones and shredded bark. I’m best when I can actually finish something (read: not with a winter-long project) and love balls of yarn bigger than your head and knitting needles like prize carrots.

Balls of yarn bigger than your head and knitting needles like prize carrots…

It last happened a couple of winters ago, (unfortunately, I find the little black and white keys tend to catch on the yarn.. Sigh). But in the last few years, this hobby that dare not speak its name has become uber cool, with a slew of supermodels and allegedly even Russell Crowe picking up stitches.Yarnfest Yarn - Once She Spun A Summer Yarn

Knitting – This hobby that dare not speak its name has become uber cool.

Yarnfest Pom Pom Beanie - Once She Spun A Summer YarnYarnfest Sweater - Once She Spun A Summer YarnSo as we drove down the typical English country lane, looking for (naturally) tea and scones, (it’s called a cream tea, and everyone in Britain eats it at every meal, just as our Stateside friends suspect.. yes.) it was charming to come across this lovely knitting store, Yarnfest, at The Old Telephone Exchange. in Hermitage, Berkshire.

Not an iPhone in sight, just wool in all the SS14 colours as far as the eye can see… and little tables for the modern day ladies who craft, to gather at their ‘Knit and Natter’ groups. I’m sure nothing much has changed..”That Knight looks pretty fine..”

The End

✄ ✄ ✄

Summer Sweater: Shoe String Bamboo Vest  / Scarf: H&M / Watch: Folli Folie / White Opal Ring: Dear VelvetYarnfest - Once She Spun A Summer Yarn

Women are as likely crack coders & rulers of all they survey as needlewomen. But….


  • Hush

  • Yarnfest: The Old Telephone Exchange, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18 9TG

Photography By Dear Velvet

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