What Is Style?

So…What IS Style?

Lately we’ve been up at nights wondering about the meaning of style. The word style has such different connotations for different people. There are groups and tribes and factions in the style wars, the same as in any area of culture. Not to mention the different countries and their idiosyncracies.

Style is a dialogue, so I thought I’d start one.

Style is at once an exciting way of distinguishing yourself from the rest of us mere mortals, and at the same time a hot-button issue, potentially divisive, debate-forming and provocative. At its best, style is a dialogue, so let’s start one.

To that end, in search of true style. We asked a few cool guys ‘n girls the question, “What does Style mean to you?” Some of the answers were surprising! What do you think?

What Does Style Mean To YOU?

What Is Style from Dear Velvet on YouTube. Also on Vimeo.


Photograph and Video © Dear Velvet

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