Summer Farewell

Summer’s Almost Gone…

Moving to a new season is like moving to a new town, school or even country. One’s old references and landmarks are gone, new choices abound, new ways of expressing oneself, even a new language is needed.

How should I dress, how should I portray myself to the new people? If I don’t wear the right thing, will I still make friends? We want to fit in and be different at the same time. How to do this? That old Back To School, playground feeling returns each time, if we are at all culturally sensitive.

But it shouldn’t. I say, be yourself. Don’t repress yourself, express yourself is such an overused slogan, but really, who are we trying to please? Fashion and style are rich and varied libraries of information, and even within the strictures of modern trend – watching, everyone can find a place. Rummage in the racks, delve into vintage, go deep down the eras, or even centuries, follow your favourite superhero, it all goes. Personally, I’ve always loved fashion mixology and although I love quality and workmanship with a passion, I never want to be tied down to a label or look. I’m sure you’re the same.

Let’s start our own uniform for this semester, combining the textures and fabrics summer denied us. While we’ve been delighting in the feel of the sun on our bare skin, we’ve missed that sense of protection and comfort afforded by the crisp snap in the Fall air. This long soft back sweater and monochrome skirt from Hush are perfect for a Fall uniform. Lace and patterned tights, a vintage handbag, beaten up old leather jacket, and even black and white dogs completed the mood, as we wandered through weeping willows and rivers in the English countryside. Birds fly home in pairs and flock to warmer lands.

I can’t forget summer and the wonderful adventures I’ve had, and I’m bound to revisit them here, but for today, with the feel of wool and my feet in actual shoes, this is fresh.

Summer farewell. Hello New Season.

Hush Skirt - Summer Farewellflock - Summer Farewellwith dogs b/w - Summer farewelldog - Summer farewellThought - Summer FarewellWater - Summer Farewellreverie - Summer FarewellShoe - Summer FarewellAlone - Summer Farewelltwo birds - Summer FarewellIn The willows - Summer Farewell


Outfit Of The Day:

Embroidered Skirt: Hush

Jumper: Hush

Vintage Leather Jacket: Gap – Similar Here

Bag: Mulberry – Similar Here

Belt: Vintage – Similar Here

Photography By Dear Velvet

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