Summer In Sight…

Now that I’m tripping once more through England’s elysium fields, I’m rediscovering exactly why it is a green and pleasant land: we’re beset by drizzle and grey skies, too cold to ditch the leggings, too hot for coats and my bag is bulging with spare sweaters, scarves, a hat and umbrella. What on earth to wear? Spring’s vicissitudes are maddening.

Never mind. Stock up on sunnies, lotion and shorts, invest in a small Kindle library for the beach, and most of all, take heart: Summer is definitely in sight.. honest.

Meantime, here’s the original preface to “Milton a Poem”, by William Blake to while away the hours.


How will you spend YOUR summer?

Poem by William Blake… Sunshine by Nature… Sunglasses by H&M.

Photograph by Dear Velvet