Queen Of The May

Summer is coming and the lover (and the beloved) is you.

In Sweden they call it Walpurgis night, in Britain, May Eve, in olden times they called it Beltane. Whatever it means to you, fires, fun, feasting, the potential for romance or a deep Pagan insight to the seasons, it’s time to finally throw off the traces of winter and be ready for love. May Eve is coming and the lover (and beloved) is you.

Such a lovely idea, to be crowned Queen of May by Cupid or some magical being or swooning concubine. If you don’t happen to have one handy, (and frankly, who has the time to keep these swains amused?) then do some DIY and crown yourself. It’s the 21st Century, we haven’t got all day.

Crown Yourself Queen

As my friends stock up on the summer nectar, I’m busy polishing my sceptre and making meaningful patterns with crystals all over my desk. You’ll need a white dress and some flowers in your Ophelia-like tresses, not too much makeup and a sweet, demure disposition. Shouldn’t be too hard to fake demureness. Even Circe can manage it, occasionally.


Deepa Gurnani Tiara


Speaking of Game of Thrones,  simply cast your mind over your favourite episode and choose one of the women as your May Spirit Animal. Are you a cunning Circe, a deadly Dragon Lady, or more the Sansa Stark type, proud, protected and as yet unknown? Take all those braids, luscious locks and frocks as gospel, throw in some haughty  manners and you’re ready to exercise your superpowers for good (aren’t you?!)

Summer Is Coming – Be Queen Of The May


A Few Baubles:

Top: Stone Tiara: Deepa Gurnani

Floria Starburst Flower Necklace: Ted Baker | Feather Necklace: Muru | Emari Teardrop Crystal Necklace: Ted Baker


Editorial Picture By Dear Velvet