Summer Living

Easy, Lazy Summer Living

The height of lazy summer living is undoubtedly to lounge by the pool. It’s calming, luxurious and above all, fun. But it’s not all about bikinis and banana daiquiri.. Sometimes you just want to cover up and read a book in the shade… and sometimes, like here, you need time and space to write and dream.

Dog - Summer LivingPool Curtains - Summer Living

Advice? Make like in a Spanish Villa; hang out under the gazebo, behind the gauzy curtains in your shorts and sneakers. Make sure your dog is cool and collected and chill.

Poolgirl Closeup - Summer Living

Mickey - Summer Living

A canine chum is always the star of any show, and none more so than Mickey here, master of the poolhouse.

For comfort there’s nothing better than a pair of old Converse, a soft pair of shorts and a silky, strappy top. Maybe sport a little beanie to keep the hair out of your eyes. Add a plateful of delicious orange segments, (it is Spain, after all!) and you’re all set for a sunny siege.

Oranges - Summer Living

Lazy Summer Living: Memories Are Made Of This

Memories - Summer Living

Shorts: Hush

Vest: Hush

Sneakers: Converse

Beanie: Model’s Own

Photography By Dear Velvet

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