Sun In Her Eyes

Too Much Sun In Her Eyes?

The hot, merciless glare of the summer sun is always a challenge on holiday. In Mallorca, Spain, the temperatures are often stratospheric, even in the shade.

I love it, of course, nothing beats the heat for chilling your thoughts, but how to keep one’s cool away from the pool is a constant question. This outfit attempts to beat the sun at its own game: searing colours, the almost fluorescent pink silk knit top and day-glo peach pants are so cozy to pull on when you need something soft and unrestricting, and most importantly, can’t let your skin burn. I love the softness and casual feel of Hush clothes: sometimes you just have to relaaax!

And there’s some black, of course, a tiny sliver of black stops these fruity shades from getting, well, mushy. I like a little counterpoint.

Blue - Sun In Her Eyes

how to keep one’s cool away from the pool.DV

Sungazing - Sun In Her EyesGazing - Sun In Her EyesThinking - Sun In Her Eyes

And what to do when the sun’s in your eyes? Wear huge shades, naturally!

Vest: Hush, Trousers: Hush, Shoes: River Island, Sterling Silver Bracelet: Dear Velvet

Photography By Dear Velvet

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