Talk About Cold

If, like me, you’ve been looking at all the street style pictures from the Fashion Week round this month, you’ll have noticed they have one thing in common: these people live in a galaxy far, far away from ours. It’s not about the clothes, believe me, we’ve seen everything, both the fabulous and the sublime and all points between. No, it’s just that they just don’t seem to ever be cold. Period.

We all know Fashion-Land is a wonderful world full of golden lotus eaters, something akin to The Citadel in The Hunger Games, but why isn’t it cold there?

When I went to the shows in Stockholm last month, it was freezing, something like minus 90 with a wind chill of minus 300 (okay, I’d never make a weather girl, I know). Yes, obviously, you’ll say, Stockholm, it’s almost as far north as Alaska, full of igloos and such. But you’d be wrong, its fab and full of uber-stylish Swedish minxes who know how to dress for cold weather, (I’m talking Swedish glamazons here, say no more).

But that knowledge does not extend to the baring of legs in the snow, wearing of micro-skirts or minuscule midriffs, no matter how toned. As for bare feet! Only the brave!

This other fash pack must be magical. I miss those, “It’s another beautiful day here in Hollywood”, reports.

For my part, these last few months have seen me, nose pressed against the window, counting snowflakes and wishing they were snowdrops. As I mentioned before, my suave, sophisticated FW attire consisted of the wearing of the gargantuan puff jacket that a friend (sic) kindly pointed out helped me resemble a giant blueberry. May we all have friends like this. It beats going to a shrink.

I forgot the extra pair of tights under my jeans, but did manage to top it all off with a bedcover-sized wool scarf from an Indian market. I think it was Delhi, or maybe somewhere in the hills. You’ll know it when you see it. Buy me another one, won’t you? (Rule of thumb in India or anywhere merchandise sells on the street: shop quick and hard, bulk buy and don’t hesitate, no-one will be there tomorrow).

Basically I was dressing for a siege in the Alps, and nearly found it when I stood in the slush filming Cheap Monday in the dark. Sensible dressing then. How scintillating!

So let’s talk about the cold. When will it end? Current Fashion City (Paris, London, New York etc) temperatures of 13 Degrees are seeming miraculously warm these days. Such a tragic state of affairs. Give me the uni-season any day. I miss those, “It’s another beautiful day here in Hollywood”, reports. We need some of those.

Most importantly, when can we start bringing out the Spring things? The stores have been tempting us for aeons and it seems every Fashionista is already wearing S/S 2016. How can we catch up?

At SFW - Talk About Cold

How do You combat the cold and still look stylish? Tell me your secret.

At Stockholm Fashion Week


Giant Puffer: North Face, Scarf: Delhi Market, Sweater: J. Lopez, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Hat: Daniel Hechter

Photography by Dear Velvet

FIND: Stockholm Fashion Week

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