The Sea Is Calling Me

The ocean croons its husky siren song at this time of year, and its pull is immense, especially for those of us prowling the humid cities on our daily round. The lucky ones get to see the swell and ebb of the tide and smell the ocean’s brine throughout the calendar.Hush Green Dress, Detail -The Sea Is Calling Me

Living near a beach at the Indian Ocean or Hawaii has top billing on my bucket list.. or it would if I weren’t obsessed with those secluded monasteries in films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, tiny white specks on the summit of an impassable, jagged mountain, only to be reached by climbing the Thousand Steps…The Call - The Sea Is Calling Me

So as I rush to catch my train, the memory of summer days padding along foam-flecked sand is all the more bittersweet.

Lookout - The Sea Is Calling Me

Sundress by Hush Pearls by Dear Velvet

Photography by Dear Velvet