The Seer

Mysteries Of The Desert

The Seer stands in the distance, silhouetted against the desert sky. She leans against a Joshua Tree, waiting, knowing every mystery of the desert as well as she knows herself. Dressed in flowing skirts, denim and white lace, a reminder of romantic days, free and whimsical. Let go of your restrictions and feel the desert breeze. Hear the song of the desert, in the wind, the stones, the hum of insects, see the lizard basking on a rock in the distance. Stay a while and see the sun’s haze pouring over the stones. The Seer knows where to find the the secret places. In Badlands.


The Seer

Standing on the horizon, underneath a Joshua Tree… The taste of mystery, a hint of the exotic, The Seer…

In Badlands

Who knows what lies out there, in the desert?

In Badlands..The Story Continues…

Part 1: In Badlands
Part 2: The Warrior

Photography: Dear Velvet, Justin Rooker
Creative Direction: Dear Velvet
Location: Nr. Four Aces Motel, Palmdale, Desert, California