The Wild Pen Of Teresa Lim

The slogan on Teresa Lim’s graffiti skateboard says it all: LIFE DRUNK.

Whimsical, kinda vintage and somehow sweetly rebellious, cartoon girls with their startled and naughty expressions romp across her highly wearable clothes.

Congratulations to the keen-eyed among you, yes, this is the same Teresa who, along with YESAH co-created  TEEHEEHEE, with their psychedelic Mermaids, swoony slashes of colour, and electric lamé fabrics. 

Lips Suit - The Wild Pen Of Teresa LimSuit Back - The Wild Pen Of Teresa LimI discovered Teresa’s work for myself, along with the other New Young Asian Designers at The Harper’s Bazaar Awards at BIFW. Gathered from all over Asia, they’re a cool and tight-knit bunch of artist-designers, each unique and exciting in their own style.

Call me a butterfly, but I love New Things, fresh ideas, iconoclasts more than anything. (So I like vintage and ancient historical sites too. is that a problem? Who made these rules?!)

“Call me a butterfly, but I LOVE New Things…”

Tunic, Leggings & Scarf – The Wild Pen Of Teresa LimShorts Suit - The Wild Pen Of Teresa LimHow about that shorts suit for a meeting? Set the boardroom atwitter, storm the establishment battlements sort of thing..

And if you attached a clutch purse to the back of that drunken skateboard, I bet it could do double duty as an accessory-cum-vehicle for whizzing round the festival campsite this summer… just swap the cool orange tie-sandals for sneakers and you’re golden.

Dress & Skateboard - The Wild Pen Of Teresa Lim

The slogan on Teresa Lim’s graffiti skateboard says it all: Life Drunk.

Tunic – The Wild Pen Of Teresa LimI really love this look, and I’ll be getting out the fabric pens and an old t-shirt this weekend to give it a go…Detail – The Wild Pen Of Teresa LimOK, OK, we all know I’ll be  phoning in my order for a real Teresa Lim first thing monday morning. Oh well. It’s nice to try these things, even if you’re totally Manga-challenged like me. She makes it look so gosh-darn easy.

Teresa Lim At BIFW - The Wild Pen Of Teresa Lim

 I wonder where that crazy line will wander next?

Photographs from Bangkok International Fashion Week by Dear Velvet

Teresa Lim, Singapore –

  • Temporium: 72 – 74 DUNLOP STREET
  • W.E – Workshop Element: Westgate,3 Gateway Drive #01-34/35