The Year That Changed Everything

2014 The Year That Changed (Almost) Everything

This is the year that burned.

Relentless changes, crazy travel schedules, crazy lack of a schedule, when the unexpected became the norm. Different people, faces, places all the time. Its been beautiful, inspiring, satisfying, and yes, sometimes perspiring.

Was it good for you? Or just meh? SO many people I know seem to have found their lives turned on their heads, and felt themselves thrust into unknown directions. Forget the road less travelled, sometimes we’ve felt lost and called upon to improvise in new arenas, projects and even languages at a moment’s notice. I’ve been running nearly all year, and slowing down just hasn’t been an option. Surprise friendships, relationships and even sad losses have been the norm.

But tricky or downright hard as some of these have changes have been, I prefer to think of them as shaping, like smoothing a stone so it becomes beautiful and begins to shine.

We’ve got to carry each other, carry each other..

Amidst the melee of chaotic re-creation, I’ve found writing and meeting, even virtually, the awesome people who make up the creative community, the readers, the artists, the fabulous, beautiful people I’ve met in every corner of the world, have been a salvation. We need each other as a community. Inspiring each other.. All around me now are artists, musicians and follow travellers, and in the background now, someone is playing One Love by U2: “We’ve got to carry each other, carry each other..”

And that’s it. The creative class of today, minds always fixed on the next project, gazes hitched to a distant star… that’s us. So sit up straight class, life’s about to get interesting.

Make 2015 count!

This is a time of reminiscing and sentiment and re-solutions… Let’s make next year an incredible surge of creativity, understanding and exchange. It’s still so early in the century, and all I know from Art History lessons is that last century saw scads of ideas, artists, new talents, unknown literature and new art forms to come to the light.. Heck, they even started movies! What could we do with this time, to make our influence mean something, let our light shine?

‘K, lets not get mushy.. but hey, why not? Auld Lang Syne, Yo.

Seriously, when we wake up tomorrow, it could be a wonderful new dawn, or just another new whatever.. We decide. What’s next for me? Planes and trains and country lanes. You know it. Thank you all for being there.Hush Parka - 2014 The Year That Changed Everything

Make 2015 count! Let’s do this.

As always. X0X0

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