These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

I’ve been following these boots for the last few days now. In fact, all I can think of is boots. When I’m in cold weather, I spend a crazy amount of time looking for the perfect boot. (Do you ever experience that? Is one style ever enough? Is the sky blue in summer, do geese fly south in winter and so on? Obviously.)

Somehow, just one pair never seems to be enough. In my mind at least, I need a pair of booties, (not too sure I really like that word: the diminutive of clothing items always sounds, well, embarrassing: boots, pants.. should we say sockies? But I digress..) over the knee boots, all-weather, all-terrain storm boots.. The list goes on. With the sales upon us and all manner of useful footwear variations ready to follow us home at the price of a decent coffee and sandwich, what could be the problem, you ask?

Here’s the thing. I only really wear one pair.DV

Here’s the thing. I only really wear one pair. No, I don’t mean at a time, I mean ever. At various times, my closet can resemble the storeroom of a shoe warehouse, yet I usually favour one particular pair and wear them relentlessly until I’m walking barefoot wearing DIY spats. (In the summer, I’ve been known to do the same with sandals, but that’s another story.)  I even had a pair that I wore travelling on the highways of India and Nepal (flat, Nubuck, oiled side-elastic, ankle boots), which became so dust-encusted that they turned grey and could have walked home by themselves. Really. It’s like some kind of footwear security blanket, and Im ready to stop holding onto it right now. But how?

Did I mention I was currently obsessing over back-zipped, knee-highs? Maybe it’s the zips, which, as you may know, I love. This pair, sported by my friend, Alba, have it all, or rather not very much at all. Minimalist, stern, flat and with that air of elegant brutality. I love them.

I can’t seem to find out where they are from, she walks too fast, but I’ve tracked down a pair or two with similarly good genes, (can boots have genes? Maybe just jeans..) and I’m on the brink of a solution to my boot flavour of the moment (or more). These are it.

For now.

Alba’s  OOTD:

Black, Back Zip Boots: Similar Here by Rachel Zoe and Here by Noa and Here by Steve Madden

Photograph by Dear Velvet