They Sparkled Like Greek Gods

The ripped torsos of Greek Gods ruled the runway at NAGARA during Bangkok Fashion Week.. The stage pulsated with bodice-ripping heroes, or the bronzed limbs of the champions of an ancient Thai court, vying for favour with the reigning monarch.

Personally, I think the cockatoo colours and vibrant plumage didn’t affect their masculinity one iota.Shorts - They Sparkled Like Greek Goods

Bejewelled superheroes, agelessly beautiful vampyrs, they sparkled like Greek Gods.DV

These Adonises, (or should that be Adonai), rendered their audience breathless, to a woman (or man) and even the discreet giggles of those unaccustomed to the sight of so much testosterone in so much finery were hushed in awe.Orange Robes - They Sparkled Like Greek GodsSinglet - They Sparkled Like Greek GodsVest - They Sparkled Like Greek GodsObi Belt - They Sparkled Like Greek Gods

 Designing almost exclusively for Thai Royalty, NAGARA knows a thing or two about occasion wear, and dresses his men like the romantic, dashing princes every little girl knows them to be. I’m sure you can think of an occasion for these sarongs and skimpy singlets, even if they do involve just a night in with a DVD of ‘The Gladiator’, and a bottle of wine…

The heady swirling patterns, reminiscent of Gustav Klimt, the clashing, matching, superimposed and melded colour scheme, the references to the court dress of so many historic cultures and, let’s not be bashful, the flesh, tanned and toned, made this parade of gilded machismo a banquet.

Sarong - They Sparkled Like Greek Gods

It’s getting hot in here…DV

Photography from NAGARA show at BIFW, by Dear Velvet.

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