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The roses are not yet wilted from Valentine’s but the chocolate’s all eaten, so this seems as good a time as any to start looking at guys. You probably know a few, maybe you are a guy yourself. (Hi there!) Thing is, how should your S.O. dress for the chilly city streets, or more importantly, to coordinate with your shoes? Are city slickers OK outside Wall Street and The Square Mile, or do you want something altogether cooler as arm candy?

The Store 300: a member of the buying elite who targets, aims and shoots to kill any style he sets his sights on.DV

I read an interview somewhere with male supermodel David Gandy, who said he intends to open a men’s clothing emporium, and declared that men don’t shop the same as women. (No, I can’t go into the reasons they don’t even think the same as women, It’s not time to start the agony column just yet..)

Fair point. From experience, I’d say there’s three major types of male buyers. First up, there are the Shopping Agnostics, who have no clue how to shop, what they want or whether they should even bother (you’ve dragged one round a mall near you, haven’t you? ‘Fess up!) Then there’s the Hunter-Gatherer Shop-Hound, who trawls the internet for bargains and gets them delivered, pretty much the same as us.

Lastly, and these are the ones to watch, there’s The Store 300: a member of the buying elite who targets, aims and shoots to kill any style he sets his sights on.

These hardy, and frankly terrifying types are the ones who can take on any medium to massive sized urban sprawl on a Saturday morning, prowl around in packs or singly and ravage the entire urban metropolis, side-swiping department stores as they go. They stand, survey and glare, cowing other shoppers into a corner as they pick over the lean meat. In no time at all they emerge with that one awesome purchase no-one else saw on the racks.

Men don’t shop the same as women…..they don’t even think the same as women… but you knew that, right?Dv

Naturally, this can come as a surprise to the store assistants, who think they know their merch… “I never knew that was there! How did you find it?”, and “It’s how much? Unbelievable. (I wish I’d gotten my hands on it with my 30% discount, dammit.)”

Somehow, I think Gandy must be thinking of these shopping ninjas as his target group. Wouldn’t we all love to become that ruthless, taking on mega labels and leaving no prisoners.

Urban Chill: The Store 300…

There’s a few of them about, even in the lunch hour from work, snapping up the leather, denim, the vetivert: they know quality. Team up with one, heck, marry one if they’ll let you tag along. You need to learn somehow, butterfly. Take them an apple. Apprenticeship is the sincerest form of flattery.

Aren’t we all here to learn?

Urban Chill Green Jacketrob facing - Urban Cill

Urban Chill SmileUrban Chill Converse

 So guys, how do YOU shop? Are you the Urban Shopping Ninja?



Leather Jacket: Model’s Own – Try a Belstaff  or Michael Kors | Black Turtleneck: Similar Here | Black Jeans: Similar from Diesel Here | John Varvatos Converse: Similar Chucks Here | Beanie: Try Here

Photography: Dear Velvet

Model: Rob Homewood AKA @GameDevMojo

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