Welcome To The Emporium

The Emporium

How’s your sense of style? Do you know exactly what you like when you see it? Think you have it all down, with a strong sense of self-image? No? Neither do we. Here at Dear Velvet HQ we’ve been delving through designer’s lines, combing through catalogs and sorting through artists’ schedules to find things we love for our new Emporium.

My own tastes are eclectic to a fault, and I’m as happy shopping in a sprawling bazaar in Asia as I am wandering the halls of an upscale designer store.. Happier, sometimes. So, as you can imagine, making the choices for our very own store was a challenge. But also so much fun!

Here are a few tidbits, a small selection to start us off. There are art books, kitten-heeled booties, stylish hats and pink leather jackets… A capsule collection of things we Love. More to come..


Hope you love them too!

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