Wild Cayenne

Wild Cayenne For Hot Nights

Cayenne, Pantone’s hot alternative to the pastel blues and radiant orchids of SS14. A high voltage welcome for summer, hot enough to counter the odd grey sky, and bring the party to long summer nights. Sizzling here in pleated cotton from a delightful but shy designer at The Market in Palma De Mallorca, (catch her if you can..) Team up with a spiky black onyx, smokey quartz and silver necklace for extra spicy goodness. Keep your cool in the heat…

Pleated Wrap - Wild CayenneRed Spicy Wrap - Wild Cayenne

Bring the party to long summer nights.

Lip & Eye - Wild Cayenne

 Keep your cool in the heat…

Cayenne cotton, pleated top, The Market in Palma De Mallorca. Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline necklace, Dear Velvet.

Photography by Rob Homewood