Blustery, blowy and brisk. This is the windswept time of year when it’s still not freezing enough for the big guns: the polar padded parkas and snow boots, but it’s not exactly warm either. (Unless you’re in one of the sunshine countries, in which case, get out there in your shorts, don’t mind us.. we’re not jealous, or anything… Humph.)

For the landlocked mortals among us, basking under grey skies and rapidly-moving clouds, the replenishing of the sweater and scarf drawers continues, and despite the sugar-coated offerings in every store right now, I still hanker after my true love: black.

It’s Dressing By Numbers, The Lazy Busy Girl’s Guide.

What can go wrong when you wear black? Maybe a tad funereal, but it’s rarely inappropriate. I bet you can even wear it in Hawaii and snub the loud shirts. I’m sure I could write poetry to black clothes, but somehow I don’t think, “An Ode To A Midnight Sweater,” would be a good start to the day. (On second thoughts.. I kind of like it! I’ll report back when I’m done..)Hush: standing - Windswept

So rhyming couplets aside, here’s the next best thing: a soft, fluffy black knit paired with hard-edged coated black biker jeans, from Hush; a couplet of quite another kind.

As usual, I’ve been striding through puddles and skipping through stubbled fields…

We all have our quirks, no? But you can just pull this on for luncheon in Dean & DeLuca or The Bluebird Cafe, dashing round the Saatchi, the Tate Modern, or the Guggenheim… weekends in a stately home or hovel-in-a-state, with your triple-barrelled new BFFs, rocking up in your convertible to inspect the new paintwork on your yacht.. whatever. You’ll always look cool and appropriate.

And be cozy.

Mango and Hush - WindsweptThrow on a caramel biker jacket from Mango and you’ve suddenly got Edge.

So there you have it: Dressing By Numbers, The Lazy Busy Girl’s Guide.


Side - WindsweptLooking Forward - Windswept

Outfit Of The Day

Black Sweater: Hush

Black Coated Biker Jeans: Hush

Leather Jacket: Mango. Similar Here

Editorial Photographs by Dear Velvet