Wonder Anatomie Wild

Wonder Anatomie’s new Spring Summer Collection has reached into our hearts and left us breathless. As ever, designer Pop’s eclectic aesthetic and collaging tactics are brilliant, but this time it’s the colours that wow.

IMG_2972_Post_1000Bright, jungle prints and clashes of fauna and flora abound. Colour throbs and dazzles. The whole thing is genius. One would hardly expect anything less from the team that brought kraft paper skull ceilings to the world of interior design, or covered everything in skeletons and other funereal trophies, and made us beg for more.

Did I say we’re excited?!

Not to mention that Wonder Anatomie is for the young and not-so-young at heart and sought after from their showroom in Paris to their flagship store in Bangkok’s essential Siam Center. Bangkok, city of angels, lights and dazzle, where Pop (or (Chalernkiat Khatikasemlert) and his family team, including his sisters, Pui and Ple, weave their tales of magic.


These photos are doubly exciting for me, as they are taken by a new set of collaborators for Dear Velvet, Studio Supreme. The duo comprises Olivier Hero Dressen,  Photographer, and his Fashion Stylist, Art Director wife, Luca Buzas. Talented and eclectic themselves, with movies, editorials and a fountain of creative works under their belts, they are a wonderful addition to our collaboration roster.

Did I say we’re excited?!


With Wonder Anatomie in Bangkok, Hero and Luca stationed in a mystery location in Asia and the Dear Velvet Team passing through Europe, our customary international melting pot standards are upheld. Just the way we like it.

We have some exciting (there goes that word again!) projects planned, so watch this space. Meantime, enjoy the visual feast: Wonder Anatomie Wild.

IMG_3159_Post_1000 IMG_3074_Post_1000

Dear Velvet CollaboratesDV


Olivier Hero Dressen & Luca Bazacs

Olivier Hero Dressen & Luca Buzas

The Shoot: “Tropical Blooming”  © 2015 Olivier Hero Dressen  Luca Buzas

Photographer // Olivier Hero Dressen
Art Directors // Luca Buzas / Olivier Hero Dressen
Models : Gigi Angelini and Zianna Zainal / Area Management
Stylist :  Luca Buzas
Hair and makeup // Luca Buzas
Accessories // Wonder Anatomie
Production // www.studiosupreme.be
Retouching // www.designhero.tv
Location // Bangkok / Thailand


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