Cape To Cuba

You’ll love Cape Town, I was told. It’s quirky and different and just your sort of place. And you’ll adore Cape To Cuba, and Kalk Bay. They were right on both points. On a recent flying visit to the city for the first time, I was whisked around the place, seemingly in a fleet of speeding vehicles, being glad-handed from car to car like a parcel. There wasn’t a moment to catch my breath, yet the constant cry was, “You haven’t seen anything!”

So glad I took time to look at my plate.DV

Perhaps so, but I think this cluttered, aladdin’s cave of a restaurant had most things you can even imagine crammed inside. Wall to wall stuff: beautiful, bizarre and all points between. There were unusual lanterns, statues, mismatched everything. The place was awash with chandeliers and candelabra, which could be bought while you dined. Lights glittered, the sea lapped outside and the surrounding streets were full of little jewellery and gift shops, waiting to be explored the next day.

It was heaven. Or rather a maximalist’s heaven. The sleek city-dwelling monochrome-clad minimalist would have to widen their vision 360 degrees. The detail-entranced would barely have enough time to eat. I had that problem myself. I simply couldn’t take my eyes off, well, anything. So glad I took time to look at my plate.Cape To Cuba

The food was yummy. Brave choices, freshly made and eaten by candlelight, of course, surrounded by tables full of misty-eyed diners. No-one seemed to want to leave.

It made me want to dance on the table..DV

Set aside time for this place, not just a quick dash for a bite. This is a robust experience that needs to be savoured, much like an overland trip through unknown country, a rich glass of something warming or a magical night at the opera or ballet. It made me want to dance on the table, stamping my feet and waving my ruffled skirts, while some wild-eyed charmer strummed guitar, crooning softly.. Oh, never mind.

Yes, I liked it.

White Chandelier -Cape To Cuba


Heads - Cape To Cuba

Interior - Cape To Cuba





165 Main Rd, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Photography: Dear Velvet Team