#christmasinhollywood – Melrose

What do you do when it’s no longer Christmas, but it’s still “The Holidays”? Go shopping, of course! Like prize greyhounds on the leash, holiday revellers I. LA and probably every big city, stalked through closed shopping malls,  straining to be free of one of the few non-shopping days of the year, eager to get their retail fix. Today the floodgates  and wallets opened.. I had to join in – its traditional.

My own version was strolling down Melrose until dark, which came noticeably later, thanks to the passing of the Winter Solstice only a week ago. Delicious, I can’t wait for the lighter months. The famous West Hollywood street didn’t disappoint, with flagship stores from the cute Alice and Olivia, awesome Vivienne Westwood, rockin Marc by Marc Jacobs and cool as ice Helmut Lang. There was so much more, Alexander Mcqueen, Kelly Wearstler, DVF, Agent Provocateur, but I was pacing myself, taking the time to really look and feel the ambiance of each emporium.Red lights on MeRose

Beauty cravings are a cinch to assuage in Los Angeles, with beauty supply stores cosmeticians, spas and designer nail polish stores littering street corners the way some European towns have churches. And why not, it’s Hollywood!

I have my own little beauty haul stashed safely in my case now, all the look books stowed in my mental filing cabinets and tonnes of inspirations for everything from fragrance, Kelly Wearstler, Marc Jacobs, to decor, KW again, Martin Lawrence Bullard, of Million Dollar   Decorators fame. I’m all set to transform my whole existence and have a beautiful 2015. Another Hollywood Holiday Night well spent.December 27, 2014

I finished by browsing gigantic crystals in Crystallarium, on Melrose nd La Cienega, truly dazzling! Sell your DeLorean and buy a giant crystal cluster instead, it’ll last you a few thousand years and take you back to the future and beyond!

Im a sucker for street art, and Melrose naturally had plenty of cool graftti. Loved it all.Urth Cafe Sprout Sandwich

No visit to Melrose is complete without stopping by the cosy Urth Cafe, and not wanting to break the rules, I tucked into a yummy Sprout Sandwich, a sprawling mess of avocado, leaves and, of course, sprouts. Healthy, satisfying, taste sensation. Armed with my new Vegan Superpowers and makeup hauls from Marc Jacobs an Urban Outfitters, I marched off into the night, elated.

Ah.. so much Los Angeles, so little time.. Where shall I go next?!

Melrose Street Art - #christmasinhollywood - Melrose