Copenhagen Nights

Back from a long, winding, windy road through the plains of Copenhagen and it feels like a permafrost has settled on my computer. Such a long absence could convince you I’ve forgotten, but truly, it ain’t so. Remember the wonderful Yoga Teacher, Shiang Ying Cox, a while back, who diagnosed a difficult hand issue I didn’t uncover until months later. Yoga rocks! As predicted, my hand has been tricky to manage for the last few weeks and while a writer with a sore hand is not quite like a bear with a sore paw (thankfully) writing hasn’t been my go-to outlet for some time. As you may have noticed..

Digits on the mend a finger at a time, I’m back on the keys and it’s such bliss I may carry on forever. But hey ho, comparisons of blogging and the toils of Sisyphus are too Eng. Lit. for this time of year. Class is almost over: roll out the tinsel!

Copenhagen Nights 2

Copenhagen just radiates cool and style…

Copenhagen, like the other Scandinavian cities I’ve seen, just radiates cool and style. This time its the buildings and the decor that got to me. For the most part, the populace was very sensibly muffled to the earlobes and padded out like bears. As was I.
From what I observed under their pom-pom hats and thousand layers, they had clean skins and long super-straight blonde hair. They were beautiful, naturally.. Apparently it’s all the dairy: I was told solemnly by a Swedish friend that Scandinavians have a special digestive superpower for lactose. I want one of those.

In Copenhagen, it’s the nights I remember..

The centre of the city was gorgeous, of course, with canals and house boats and faux gas-lamps. There were shops aplenty, even my beloved Cheap Monday.

But in Copenhagen, it’s the nights I remember mostMy party, a gang of assorted artists and academics from across the globe, were treated to a canal boat ride at night. We oohed and aahed, stood bravely in the wind to take photos with chilled fingers and receive a little water spray in the face occasionally. It was so much fun and the exhilaration lasted until we were informed that it was an entertainment for pensioners. We promptly lay down the gauntlet for visitors to London. Did you, or could you when you visit, resist The Tower of London, The London Dungeon/Eye/Tussaud’s et al? Thought not.

Copenhagen Nights building

When we travel we see what we can. Each new vista down an unfamiliar supermarket aisle filled with unpronounceable products and each strangely worded patch of graffiti is magical. We don’t care. We tourists are too cool to be cool.

After ducking and diving under bridges and being whooshed through darkened tunnels, we saw the glittering Opera House, looming, all golden in the distance and strained to see the tiny Little Mermaid in the dark. She was just a pin prick amongst a few distant lights: her loveliness is best seen by day I think. There were bikes everywhere we turned. Bikes on bridges, bikes in corners, bikes leaning into each other and nuzzling each other’s handlebars.



The city’s romance later turned to lust..

The city’s romance later turned to lust as we stood opposite one of the clubs, Butchers and viewed the heaving, seething mass trying to gain entrance. Blonde-boys in gangs prowled the streets and howled greetings at each other from one side to another. Probably a great place to make new friends, Tinder not required.

Before all that, we were deposited at the steps of glam No.2. Restaurant, a sublime and charming place to clink glasses over chic platings. I also loved the look of the ship-board restaurants and hotels. That’s where I’ll stay next time.
And there will be one.

Copenhagen Nights No.2


Copenhagen Nights windows

Now as I unpack my washing suitcase, I’ll start to unpack the Scandi style secrets I’ve learned, if I can. More likely I’ll be too busy sighing over those views, the water, the canals, the stunning energetically friendly Scandinavians…
And those Copenhagen Nights.

Copenhagen Nights:hat


Anything and Everything Black | Hat: Superdry Clarrie Beanie

(For once I might just heartily recommend something: this hat is fur lined.. That city is Cold. Or wear any two hats together.. Perhaps three..)

Photography by Dear Velvet Team

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