A Decade of Cool dudes

OK, full disclosure, I’m flexing here: DV hasn’t been around a full decade – just Eight years, but heck, it’s been a minute, no?
My idea is, we’re crawling, six feet apart and fully masked, to the END of the TwentyTeens. aren’t we?

And what a finale, fresh out of lockdown, no makeup, hair in a messy bun

with our loungewear and room shoes under our winter coats, not even sure if fashion exists anymore, and looking askance at the hybrid new fashion shows, online and virtually real. It’s been a blast. what will our upcoming early 20s bring?
After my drastic life change, it seemed a good idea to re-examine my urge to send these letters out into the universe, to understand just what and why I’m trying to say anything.
It’s been a journey (sorry to get all Hallmark on ya), and one accompanied by meetings with remarkable dudes ( try not to be too heteronormative here, and launch down some uni-gendered alley). Fact is, Many women I’ve encountered have been total dudes too: badass, creative, kickass and downright inspiring, gentlewomen. It’s all the same to me

SO Ima allow myself poetic license here and examine a DECADE OF COOL DUDES.
consider this a palate cleanser before we ramp up our grooming game, push those sweatpants to the back of the closet, quit Zooming everywhere and prepare to actually go out and MEET people (OOH la la!) and perhaps even indulge in travel again.
Do we even know how? I’ll admit my beard is currently making a bid for my knees. I’ve TOTALLY forgotten how to talk in complete sentences, or talk out loud, and not even into a machine.
Now I’m feeling like I’m kinda ready for the world again, and I want to look back on the lovelies I met back when it wasn’t unacceptable to sit next to someone. One day we’ll see the lower half of each other’s faces, without it seeming indecent.

Heck, we can even wear LIPSTICK!

One last thing: when this is all over, coffee, anyone? – (or even, whisper it), brunch.

without being absurdly vintage, I guess I’m trying to say, I actually MET all these people.

So let’s do this.


CHRISTINA – ~~~Earthy All-American, with soul-baring eyes of such intensity. Impossible not to fall in.

Christina beach standing<img loading=

A DIFFERENT CHRISTINA – Impish, light-hearted,

Swiss and sweet-natured as your favourite chocolate.

Great companion for beach walks in Santa Monica,

if you don’t mind sand between your toes



Shake it up 3

Super smart, super sassy , environmentally concerned and elegant beyond her own expectations. 

HERe she is in a green dress under her lemon tree.. Oh, The OC.




Bonnie n Clyde



TALYN AND JEFFREY: A Modern day Midwestern Bonnie (Talyn Edelson) and her dreamboat Clyde – Actors both with retro movie vibes: they had all the moves, in the desert wastelands and badlands of California, north of LA. TALYN EDELSON JEFFREY NEDA – THE CAMERA LOVED THEM WAY TOO MUCH

These actors are both hyphenates -Talyn is also a stuntwoman and graphic designer, Jeffrey is also a photographer and bodybuilder… met them in LA, duh.


LUCA, from Hungary to Los Angeles, by way of Shanghai. A kick-ass MUA and stylist, now residing in LA, where she’s killing it in the film and commercial industry. Luca is great fun to hang out with, whether for drinks at swanky Chateau Marmont, or a smoothie in a back street cafe in Chiang Mai. LUCA BUZAS, PHOTO BY OLIVIER HERO DRESSEN, filmmaker from Belgium.not me. And, of course, I met them both over Twitter, naturally. See some of Luca’s  styling and makeup work below, and here.

winter luxe full

ALISON – super creative dude from Taiwan,



Well met by Bangkok streetlight. Creative accomplice and friend of  Sripa, a  lovely Thai artist exhibiting  informally on the road.


Hopefully I’ll be forgiven for nominating the simply most beautiful soul I’ve encountered during my journey with Dear Velvet: ( and that’s hard to say cause they were ALL DAZZLING! stop hating me guys: I just fell in love!) – SOPHIA, the Guatemalan designer and originator behind MEÜS.: Sofía Contreras-Paredes,.  Super talented and enigmatically gorgeous.       

Rocked my world. (Don’t make it weird, OK?)


HARVEE KOK, PRIZEWINNER OF HARPERS BAZAAR NEW YOUNG DESIGNER AT BANGKOK FASHION WEEK, alongside DUANG POSHYANONDA, breathtakingly beautiful editor of Harpers Bazaar Asia and creator of  A fabulous accessories line sold in the best stores.

Both so elegant and supremely talented. Alas Harvee did not move to London, to take up his prize. (sob) – sorely missed. Our loss is Singapore’s gain.. *sniff*.


Christian Develter

CHRISTIAN DEVELTER: studied alongside the Antwerp Six,

fashion designer turned painter, and his partner, Peter. from Belgium to Cambodia by way of Thailand.

Simply astounding artwork, hung everywhere from Bangkok to Rio

with a fantastic ethnographic story behind it

Christian Developer; Christian-And-Peter


Christian Develter In Bangkok Restaurant The China House

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, with Christian’s art.

I almost got blown up in my eagerness to see their studio.

(story for another day, Thailand was in uproar at the time:  all bombs and demonstrations and coups.) 


KEETATAT: Another international-calibre artist I just stumbled across in a market (really).The article I wrote about him was the most popular in the DV hall of fame, and folks worldwide  often write begging to buy his art on the regular (unfortunately, I don’t sell his work – but this guy does). .Or in Europe, as Keetetat’s instagram tells us:

“OUT OF THE BOX” Is Delivering Our artwork ALL over Europe

Check their Pages on :
Instagram: @outofthebox.de
Facebook: outofthebox.de
Location: Hanover-Mitte
Hanover, Germany
(phone): ‭+49 172 2925354

Seriously, my Katy Perry picture is the most commented article in my apartment.

Keetatat’s Katy Perry stops people in their tracks… Yeah she kinda dominates my room…

…As does Nicole Kidman


KEETATAT SITTHIKET Contemporary, witty, hyper talented.

He IS the zeitgeist. Super nice dude too.


Then, there’s all the fabulous designers who invited me to see their amazing shows

TOO MANY  TO MENTION (can you tell I had fun?)

BTW, I’ve come to realise a fairly common theme amongst artists and creators I’ve encountered is: Belgium (oh and Bangkok, obv.). Really must go visit there again, once we all come out of hiding, must be something in the water.

But how can I omit James Portnow? I attended MAGFEST, very early on and was stunned by this writer, educator and co-founder of the fabulous Extra Credits, a teaching animation for game design students, turned history channel on YouTube. I approached him, through the fanboy hordes and managed to snag an hour of his time in a cafe, where I grilled him mercilessly on such topics as: why is there no Shakespeare of game-writing? A real sport, he held up admirably and gave such profoundly erudite answers, I almost ran out of questions: this is ME we’re talking about, the walking question mark. When I published my findings (I think basically those several pages of texts were the answers to the two questions I managed to bleat out: the dude mowed me down with his intelligence. Later I made the mistake of linking the article on Reddit, whose charming clientele hacked my site to shreds. Oh don’t mess with those Reddit dudes, they vengeful, and don’t hold with fashiony girlies messing in their playpen.



albin dress

Cannot forget ALBIN, he of the black bustier and tutu, lean 1.87m frame and teetering platform heels. I later noticed oh, tens of hits from a certain delicate young men’s, uh, dating site. (to protect the sensitive among you, it shall remain nameless) Apparently, pre Ru Paul’s Drag Race, I was being innovative.

Ain’t that a pat on the back?!

Yep, never was one to conform with the patriarchy.

So, we’ve done the 10s, OK, 2021,  what you got? 

PS: thanks so much to all these dudes, and the best part of a decade, I learned and grew so much.

Can’t thank them enough.