My Farewell Walk Along Chelsea High Line, NYC

New York holds a fascination for many people, visitors and residents alike. I’ve often been overwhelmed by the warmth and helpfulness of random passersby in the midst of the city, stopping to direct me to various points south and north, even when they’re busy. New york has a community feel to it, despite the big city location, and one of the places that has really brought people together is the High line, NYC.

Katie Wilter over at Eye Heart Travel Blog shared her experience and pictures of the of the freight rail turned community park a few months ago. Here’s her poetic account:

Lunch Break in NYC

On my last two hour break in New York City,

I took my new Canon camera for a walk along the High Line in Chelsea.

I have blogged about my love for the High Line before. The former railway line has been transformed into an oasis where industrial design comes alive as it reconnects with nature.

This public space became

my back garden,

my escape,

my moment to reconnect with nature on land,

my me-time.

Park Life: Nyc

It also has the best view of my favourite New York City street art mural.
The bright colours tell a story through the passionate embrace of an old school couple who look like they have just enjoyed a date at a nearby New York diner.Plants at Highline NYC.

In the end, all you need is love.

High- Line Wlakers

Photography: Katie at