Goodbye New York

A short and sweet sojourn in New York City, made me misty eyed.

The Noise, the bustle and hustle, the billboards, and hawkers and stalls and understated, yet swanky stores. Stare upwards and you may never find the sky, look ahead and you may never see space, look down at your feet as they never stop walking.

Oh, the excitement and cool ennui, the individuality and the hive-mind.Street - Goodbye New York

I love, love, love it. Can’t wait to show you. Thrilled to look everywhere and content to focus on nothing in particular. (But as you can see, I hovered round the Maison martin Margiela sneakers in the Converse store for quite some time!)Converse - Goodbye New YorkGoodbye New York

Like every other time I’ve visited, I found a little cubbyhole to call my own and people-watched. Yesterday, I sat in the window of Dean and Deluca nursing a latte and cinnamon twist, wide-eyed and dreaming.dean-deluca - Goodbye New York

I love you, New York. Don’t pinch me. I don’t want to wake.

Photograph By Dear Velvet

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