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warhol LA Photo Diary

Warhol At MOCA

Lately, I’ve been missing out on writing time, in favour of travel and art. It seems like I’ve been all over the world in a day and then immersed in the studio for weeks. There’s been summer sun, I know, but the cool, gloomy interior of my studio has been strangely comforting, as I concoct more weird and wonderful objects. I’ve been to see new art and been to new places, all in the name of fashion and art.

One of the best feelings for me is waiting for the plane to lift off, leaving all that behind on the ground and floating above the crowds clouds. What better place to land than LA? Movies make us feel we know it so well, but it’s still the land of dreams, broken and fulfilled. The comedy bars on Sunset, the sunsets on Sunset, the weird movie set collectables off Fairfax, hazy days on Venice Beach and clear days at Santa Monica. Life in a gilded cage and living from a suitcase, sometimes in the street: it’s all there. I’ve loved it and been shocked by its craziness. Larger than life, LA.

LA Photo Diary 8

On Santa Monica Beach

Here’s the way I feel about it today. Tomorrow may be different.

LA Photo Diary 7

Hammer Museum

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Melrose At Night

dLA Photo Diary 18

LA – DV My Way.

LA My Way LA Photo Diary

Morning Coffee On The Deck


Photography by Dear Velvet

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