Last Rays Of The Sun

Oh, The Sun…

Don’t you love indian summers, when you can soak up the last rays of the sun one more time? Palma seemed like the perfect place to receive those healing beams before winter sets in… And of course, see lots of sea life, so Team Dear Velvet recharged and took a sunshine break.

Seashine PalmaYacht PalmaThe water borne community is everything on a small island, and Palma is no exception. I’m not sure if it ever stops being sunny, and I’m certain the locals never tire of looking at the sea.

Everywhere there are small cafes clinging to the rocks for the season, boats, yachts and parties on water. And overall, the sun’s rays seem to permeate every waking (and sleeping) thought. It’s so wonderful, and a fitting way to cleanse off the cacophonous round of colours and sights of the summer, before the sobriety of the autumn city. Water Reflection PalmaSeashine 2 PalmaPalms PalamRob PalmaCathedral PalmaShip Sails PalmaPretty People Palma

See You On Dry Land!DV

The beauty and power of the ocean is balm for the soul, so take a moment to get those last sun rays for a while, and let’s take Fall in our stride.

Is it back to school already?!

Bike Palma


Photographs By Dear Velvet

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