Life Afloat

You have a star at the end of your lifeline. Be very careful of the sea. Don’t try to live on a boat!”

The palm reader did kind of scare me. Apparently, that star on the mount of the moon, at the end of the lifeline could mean a fatal ending in water. NIce. I’d like to think of it in the same way as the older lady in A Passage To India, who wanted her life to end while at The River Ganges. which meant ascension from the cycle of rebirth, or something like that. Yes, that’s a more positive spin on the whole thing. but ever since that reading, I’ve been wary of being in a boat or ship. even though I grew up by the sea, playing on the beach every day in summer and visiting the shore to stand on the cliffs, watching sea squalls on stormy days after school. As a triple water sign, yup, (all you Astro enthusiasts, you know that’s a LOT of water to cope with), I am magnetically drawn to the ocean, with its symbolism of emotions and the collective unconscious. Yep, I’m mystical like that. 

despite all this, when I was invited to board and hang out on a yacht, in Palma, Mallorca, I jumped at the chance. The luxury of these floating apartments is unimaginable just like in movies. As with all things swanky, I just appreciated the aesthetic and let the experience go. While I’ve no desire to own one, I now know the basic luxury yacht experience is wonderful… And anything but basic.


But, will I ever live a life afloat? What do you think?!!